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IBG designs and builds environments with both your members and your staff in mind. We immerse ourselves in your brand, designing a unique solution for your credit union that maximizes the impact of your branch experience. We don’t leave anything undone.

Our certified specialists in design and furniture planning ensure that your brand is infused throughout your branch via stylish finishing touches that show your members that you truly understand them, their needs and how they prefer to conduct business in your credit union. 

Our expertise extends to vital technical systems like security equipment, cameras, and cash devices. IBG’s skilled team knows the latest technology, and adeptly arranges its seamless integration into the branch design. Since IBG specializes in credit unions, we know the program and operational requirements that support their infrastructure.

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Retail & Office Furniture

Your interior design will include the modern flair you want from furniture, fixtures, artwork and accessories to create a welcoming environment that inspires your members and employees.

Security, CCTV & Equipment

From a vast range of available technology, we outfit your credit union with the alarm systems, closed-circuit TV and bank equipment tailored to your specific needs by leveraging our breadth of expert knowledge.

Digital Technology

Outfitting your credit union with the proper audio-visual equipment and data communications technology elevates your space to a level of sophistication you demand for your brand.

Sustainable Design

We create architectural beauty, style and functionality with a keen awareness of our responsibility to operate in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.


The elegant finishing touches of every project involves our expert merchandising and marketing to amplify your credit union's brand throughout the interior and exterior.

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Every project begins with us listening to you. From there, a holistic solution emerges to address your unique needs and goals.

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