Credit Union of Southern California

Whittier, CA


After working on nine previous projects for Credit Union of Southern California, IBG was no stranger to the credit union’s brand. However, a new location in Whittier provided unique challenges with its midcentury architecture, 30-foot ceilings and 25-foot arched exterior windows encasing the entire perimeter. Creating a design that would simultaneously complement the existing structure while embodying the credit union’s branded look would be a challenge, but it’s exactly what IBG managed to accomplish in its 10th CUSoCal project.

Although it was a tall order (literally!) to adapt CUSoCal’s brand for the new location on Whittier Boulevard, the IBG team developed a design that successfully showcases the interior vertical volume without sacrificing feelings of comfort and coziness. Moreover, thanks to thoughtfully planned details, the space’s mid-century vibe now blends
seamlessly with CUSoCal’s well-established brand identity – resulting in a truly eye-catching space.