Arrowhead Credit Union

Long Beach, CA


Arrowhead Credit Union came to IBG with three primary goals for their new retail branch: 1) replicate their existing brand and branch theme exactly; 2) complete the project on budget and before the lease on their existing branch concluded; and 3) provide turnkey service to minimize the time commitment of their VP-level management. Despite the difficulties of a dilapidated building and COVID-19 setbacks, IBG managed to execute
the project flawlessly – delivering a precise replication ahead of schedule, under budget and without undue client stress. 

Efficiency and collaboration were the keys to this project’s completion – particularly when COVID-19 led to delayed permits and inspections. Throughout it all, IBG helped the client experience peace of mind by providing timely and regular updates. Plus,
the team responded to open issues with options and recommendations to assist management in making informed decisions. The end result is a perfectly executed branch and an exceedingly happy client.