American United Federal Credit Union

Salt Lake City, UT


With Salt Lake City serving as a central location for American United Federal Credit Union’s business and existing client markets, the credit union knew they needed a strong presence within the city. Unfortunately, their existing branch on Main Street, though well situated, was tired and outdated – far from the modern, inviting space
AUFCU envisioned. Turning to IBG, the credit union shared their wish for a full-scale renovation that would enhance the branch’s aesthetics and overall functionality. True to form, IBG delivered on both counts.

IBG successfully executed an impressive renovation that meets every client goal. The retail area was opened for better personal contact; offices were integrated for staff; hoteling spaces were incorporated for mobile business development employees; and more. Despite setbacks along the way, the once-underutilized space is now a fully functional, eye-catching branch that aligns with the AUFCU brand and serves as a welcoming space for all to enjoy.