Thrilled Client Commitment

Clients have many choices regarding with whom to conduct business. Many suppliers work to “ensure your satisfaction." At IBG, that level of service distinction is simply insufficient. Other suppliers work to ensure your “total satisfaction”, or even perhaps your “happiness”. Those levels, also, fall short of our expectation. While developing the business, we’ve searched painstakingly for a term that describes the level of service we feel our clients deserve. One that would drive our efforts to continually surpass previous expectations. Our search ended when we implemented our Thrilled Client Commitment (TCC).

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TCC demands that IBG not only reach, but consistently exceed our client’s goals and expectations. Cost, schedule and quality are important factors…but delivering a project with no surprises and a scope that perfectly fits our client’s need is supreme. Our belief is that unless you are not only thrilled with the finish product, but also the process that brought it about, we’ve fallen short of our goal.

IBG commits to:

Solicit, understand and assimilate your expectations.

Open your eyes to new and innovative ideas.

Tailor a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

Sustain an extraordinary level of energy from start to finish.

Identify risks and establish a comprehensive plan to mitigate them.

Be accountable - Seek excellence while understanding errors occur. 

Communicate effectively throughout the process.

Allow the client to dictate their comfort level of involvement in the process.

Nimbly overcome challenges using ingenuity and a win-win approach.

Remain flexible, authentic and always work with a smile!