Knowledgeable, passionate and progressive, IBG collaborates with our clients to design and build meticulously crafted solutions to meet their specific expansion and remodeling needs. With experience in the commercial design-build industry since 2006, ensures our design, development and construction teams are able to maximize your investment, and provide unparalleled expertise.

Our Thrilled Client Commitment means we add value and exceed expectations through strategic guidance, total accountability and enthusiastic partnership at every stage of your building project. Our due diligence on every level streamlines the implementation process for your peace of mind.

Our award-winning professionals manage every planning, design and construction detail of your project, including everything from finishing design touches to critical security technology, while always remaining accessible to you.


Our unique focus on turnkey construction puts us at the leading edge of industry trends and innovations. This insight enables us to provide creative, custom solutions that facilitate operations, exploit growth opportunities and enhance stakeholders experiences.

Our highly proactive thinking and nimble maneuvering ensures plans always jibe with circumstances as they evolve.


IBG’s turnkey design solutions have covered the spectrum building refurbishments to major remodels, ground-up facilities, headquarters and operation centers.

We deliver results that will provide an outstanding client experience today and scale to meet your organization’s needs tomorrow.